Envision Solar Contracts With State Of Calif. For Solar-Powered EV Chargers


San Diego-based Envision Solar International Inc. has received a contract from the state of California to supply EV ARC solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) chargers for state of California departments and other state and local governmental agencies or entities.

The contract is valid from June 12, 2015, through June 11, 2016, and includes two one-year renewal options.

The EV ARC fits inside a parking space and generates enough solar electricity to power 150 miles of EV driving each day. The system's solar electrical generation is enhanced by EnvisionTrak, which enables the array to follow the sun and generate 18% to 25% more electricity than would a fixed array.

The energy is stored in the EV ARC power storage technology, allowing the vehicles to charge during the day or at night. The transportable EV ARC requires no trenching, foundations or installation work – allowing it to be deployed in minutes and easily moved to a new location, says Envision Solar.

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