EPE, SunEdison Inaugurate Las Cruces Centennial Project


Las Cruces, N.M., Mayor Ken Miyagishima and officials from El Paso Electric Co. (EPE), the regional electric utility, and SunEdison have officially completed the Las Cruces Centennial Solar Farm, a 12 MW project located near Las Cruces International Airport.

The project features 48,000 of MEMC's Silvantis P280 photovoltaic modules and covers approximately 140 acres. It is expected to produce more than 32 GWh of solar energy in its first year of operation.

This solar farm was made possible through a power purchase agreement between SunEdison and EPE. SunEdison was responsible for the construction and financing of the project and will oversee operation and maintenance of the power plant over the 25-year contract period. In return, EPE will purchase all of the energy produced from the solar farm.

Equity financing was provided by PNC Energy Capital.

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