EPRI Issues RFP For PV Test Center Projects


The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is launching a new project focused on independent field-testing and performance assessment of promising new solar photovoltaic technologies that offer the potential to lower the cost of electricity relative to existing commercial PV systems.

As part of this effort, EPRI has issued a request for proposals (RFP) aimed at identifying emerging solar power technologies of potential interest to the organization and its members, which include electric utilities and power producers from around the world.

EPRI is encouraging academia, manufacturers, startups, national laboratories, consultants, independent inventors and others to submit proposals and field-testing plans describing technologies that have achieved proof of concept and are ready for assessment in a small array consisting of prototype or pre-commercial PV modules. Responses from the international community are welcome.

In 2015, EPRI expects to commence evaluation of up to four PV technologies on its dedicated test plot at the Solar Technology Acceleration Center facility in Colorado.

Test arrays – with approximate nameplate capacity of up to 2 kW – for selected technologies will be installed and monitored by EPRI over at least a three-Â to six-month period to ascertain performance attributes, develop independent cost-performance projections, and identify additional needs for research and development prior to commercialization.

A pre-bid information webcase and question and answer session is scheduled for Nov. 20. The due date for RFP responses is Dec. 15. For webcast login information and other information about EPRI's RFP process, send your contact information to PVRFP@epri.com.

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