EREN RE, 3G Energy Collaborate For Renewables Development In Canada


3G Energy Development Inc., an Ottawa, Quebec-based renewable energy development company, has completed a joint development agreement with EREN Renewable Energy (EREN RE), a Paris-based renewable energy independent power producer.

Through a combination of greenfield development and acquisitions, 3G Energy and EREN RE aim at developing utility-scale wind and solar projects in all Canadian provinces and territories.

‘Renewable energy in Canada has experienced a steady growth over the last 10 years, and we expect many provinces to be moving the renewables agenda forward as costs continue to drop,’ comments Fabienne Demol, head of business development of EREN RE.

"There are huge opportunities for successful investments in Canada – and for collaboration with aboriginal communities or with large industrial energy consumers alike," Demol adds.

Rob Miller, who recently joined 3G as vice president, says," I believe there is significant potential for growth in the Canadian renewable market as provincial governments are more and more willing to replace fossil and nuclear generation with renewable options.

"In the next few years, we intend to develop wind and solar projects where they prove to be competitive alternatives, combined with storage technologies and through industrial net-metering opportunities. In doing so, we will leverage our valuable experience and expertise working with First Nations as partners and co-proponents to ensure local acceptance and maximize local benefits,’ Miller continues.

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