Ergenics, Solar Water Works Form Solar Thermal Subsidiary


Ergenics Corp., a company specializing in hydrogen-absorbing materials, and Solar Water Works LLC have formed a new company – Ergenics Solar Thermal Heating & Cooling Inc. – to develop, manufacture and market hydrogen-based solar thermal-driven air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Ergenics says its patented technology efficiently and cleanly converts thermal energy from solar-heated water into the low temperatures required for air conditioning and refrigeration. The technology uses hydrogen as a working fluid that shuttles between heat exchangers that contain proprietary reversible metal hydride alloys. The gas-metal reactions create cooling without consuming the hydrogen.

‘Our in-house tests show that our solar thermal-driven air conditioner operates efficiently with hot-water temperatures less than 70 degrees C – lower than any other solar cooling technology on the market,’ says David DaCosta, president of Ergenics Solar.

SOURCE: Ergenics Solar

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