ersol Forecasts Growth In Crystalline, Thin-Film Solar Segments


ersol Solar Energy AG says its consolidated revenue increased from 127.8 million euro in 2006 to 160.2 million euro in 2007, corresponding to growth of 25.4 %. Key drivers of the boost in revenue were increased cell production (from 40 MWp in 2006 to 53 MWp in 2007) and revenue from subsidiary aimex-solar GmbH in 2007.

The company says sales for 2008 will reflect an output of approximately 140 MWp of solar cells and about 20 MWp of amorphous thin-film modules. Together with other segments, ersol is anticipating total revenue of 300 million to 320 million euro. Sales of 420 million to 440 million euro are forecast for 2009, based in part on a planned output of about 180 MWp in the crystalline segment and about 30 MWp in thin-film photovoltaic modules.

ersol adds that it is planning to expand its capacities in the crystalline solar cell segment to about 550 MWp by the end of 2012. In the thin-film module segment, approximately 200 MWp is expected by 2012.

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