ersol, SCHOTT Jointly Developing Thin-Film Solar PV Technology


ersol Thin Film GmbH and SCHOTT Solar GmbH have concluded a cooperative agreement under which they will jointly develop micromorphous technology for thin-film solar cells.

The companies will combine their resources in the area of research and development, with the aim of achieving faster product maturity and a leading market position in micromorphous solar modules.

‘Both companies will profit from this research alliance,’ says Dr. Martin Heming, managing director of SCHOTT Solar. ‘We are anticipating a market lead of both partners in micromorphous thin-film modules based on our proven amorphous silicon technology.’

ersol Thin Film and SCHOTT Solar have both developed amorphous thin-film technology in the 1.4-square-meter Gen 5 format. SCHOTT Solar has been successfully marketing SCHOTT ASI thin-film modules for a number of years, and ersol Thin Film markets its amorphous modules under the brand name Nova-T.

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