Ersol Solar Rearranges Production Output


Ersol Solar Energy has announced it is postponing the continuation of production ramp-up of its purely amorphous microcrystalline tandem cell technology for silicon thin-film modules in favor of the pursuit of micromorphous technology solutions.

‘We believe that thanks to the tandem cell technology development process, we will be able to offer our customers the next product generation sooner, and that the postponed sales in the area of thin-film will be more than compensated by the higher attainable efficiencies in subsequent years,’ explains Dr. Claus Beneking, chief executive officer of the German company.

Unlike the simple amorphous version, micromorphous thin-film modules have a sandwich construction consisting of an amorphous silicon layer and a microcrystalline silicon layer. The company states this arrangement makes better use of the sunlight, because both silicon layers convert the entire light spectrum into electricity.

‘We believe that this so-called 'tandem cell' can achieve a 50-percent increase in efficiency, and therefore also in the module power, compared with amorphous technology,’ says Beneking.

Ersol no longer expects to achieve revenues from the amorphous product generation during the current year, although it predicted it will reach its forecasted sales and earnings planning at group level.

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