ersol Thin Film Offers Nova-T plus Module


ersol Thin Film GmbH, a subsidiary of ersol Solar Energy AG, has introduced the Nova-T plus module, a new thin-film module featuring a front panel made from toughened glass. According to the company, this module offers increased mechanical stability, leading to lower system costs and assembly costs and a wider range of applications, including in conventional mounting systems.

The Nova-T plus is an enhanced version of the company's amorphous thin-film module Nova-T. The tempered glass in the new modules can absorb greater compressive loads and is thus better protected against climatic influences, such as wind or snow. Additionally, whereas conventional thin-film modules must be fixed to the support structure with two long clamps and a middle rail, the Nova-T plus requires only four shorter, single clamps.

‘Whether it's an open-space or a roof installation, with its high load-bearing capacity, lower system costs and extended range of applications, the Nova-T plus sets new benchmarks for our customers,’ says Peter Schneidewind, managing director of ersol Thin Film GmbH.

ersol Thin Film GmbH: 49 36121951181

SOURCE: ersol Thin Film GmbH

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