ESA Receives Approval For 22 Solar Projects


ESA Renewables, a turnkey solar provider, says it has confirmed the acceptance of 22 participation agreements for customer-sited projects through the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and the local co-ops in the North Carolina and Tennessee areas.

In fall 2011, ESA submitted the applications to TVA's Generation Partners pilot program. The pilot was designed to demonstrate the feasibility of purchasing electric energy from residential and industrial customers generated by qualified renewable generation resources. Since that time, the program has been modified for projects up to 50 kW.

All 22 applications for the customer-sited projects being installed by ESA have been accepted to participate in the TVA Generation Partners pilot program. According to the terms of the pilot, the systems must be completed and commissioned within six months of the acceptance date.Â

ESA will engineer and install a 200 kW photovoltaic solar array on each of the sites, as well as operate and maintain the sites for the duration of the agreement term. Each property owner has entered into a lease agreement for the property being utilized that allows them additional income for the duration of the contract.

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