ESA Renewables Offering Solar Power Production Guarantee


ESA Renewables, a Lake Mary, Fla.-based turnkey solar provider, has launched a solar power production guarantee program.

The offering guarantees specific monthly energy production for solar energy generating systems under an ESA operations and maintenance (O&M) agreement. Should the photovoltaic system fail to meet ESA's annual guaranteed power production levels, ESA will compensate solar farm owners the difference between guaranteed and actual energy generated.

According to Jeffrey Burkett, president of ESA Renewables, the company is the first solar firm to offer a production guarantee of this type. Once an asset manager contracts with ESA for O&M, engineers will visit the solar farm and perform a complete audit and analysis. To make projections for future production levels and guarantee that rate on return, ESA will analyze current and historic data, including energy production levels, panel and inverter compatibility, ratios, high efficiencies, the tilt of panels and weather variants.Â

Upon completion of the audit, ESA will make any necessary system upgrades and install its renewable energy monitoring system. The company will then chart projected production levels and execute a guarantee with the facility owners to meet these expectations.

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