Esmolo Launches PV Module Auto-Shutdown Tech For Fire Safety


Germany-based Esmolo has introduced the Esmolo Module Protection System (MPS), an inverter-independent automatic-shutdown product for PV modules. According to the company, the product protects modules from fire, as well as overvoltage, lightning and theft.

Unlike other products, the MPS does not cut the connection between modules and inverter in case of fire, thus preventing dangerous voltage from continuing to occur. The electronics of the MPS are embedded in the junction box. If its sensors detect that a fire occurs, modules will be immediately short-circuited and other modules of the installation will be informed by radio signal.

In addition, the shutdown procedure can be activated manually at the press of an emergency button, the company adds.

‘We analyzed statistics of claims expenditure of specialized insurance companies and found out that about 50 percent of all damages are caused by fire, overvoltage, lightning and theft,’ notes company executive Riccardo De Luca. ‘All these damages should be avoided by a simple and economic protection system and therewith protect the investment of the installation as well as the involved persons.’

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