Essemsolar Develops New Solar Metallization Line, Measurement System


Switzerland-based Essemsolar says it will introduce the new Ecoline metallization line with 8 µm capability and the Traqu interferometric 3-D measurement system at the upcoming European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition in Valencia, Spain, in September. Both products are designed for pilot lines and process laboratories.

Traqu can digitize any surface using an infra-red interferometric measurement system and features resolution in the range of below one micrometer, the company says. On the digital model, any kind of measurements can be taken and saved for a later date: volumes, heights, distances, surface roughness and more.

The Ecoline metallization line consists of wafer magazine handlers on input and output and an SP900-S screen printing system. The line can be supplemented with in-line dispensing and curing. All machines feature high quality, accuracy and a secure wafer feeding system, the company says. The line can metalize wafers up to 210 mm x 210 mm in size and 100 µm -500 µm in thickness.

Essemsolar 41 0419196060

SOURCE: Essemsolar

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