Essemtec Delivers First Series Of RO-VARIO Reflow And Curing Ovens


Essemtec has introduced RO-VARIO, a new developed reflow and curing oven designed to offer modularity and flexibility for a number of solder and hardness tasks in the electronics and solar engineering industries. The first ovens were delivered to customers earlier this month.

The first production series of the RO-VARIO, which is expandable to up to 14 zones, sold out quickly, the company notes. In addition to customers in Germany and Austria, companies from India also purchased the oven.

The oven can be configured with pin chain drive or as chain over belt, and up to five separate tracks can be fed through the oven at the pin chain drive. The chain profiles also can be configured as center supports. A special shifting system ensures that all tracks and center supports will be adjusted individually and automatically to the various transportation widths. Absolute parallelism of the individual tracks is ensured for 14 zone ovens, Essemtec adds.

Essemtec: 41 0419196060

SOURCE: Essemtec

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