Essemtec Develops New Curing Oven For Small Batches


Essemtec, a manufacturer of surface mount technology production equipment, will debut the new RO300FC-S full convection oven for drying and curing processes at the upcoming Productronica exhibition in Munich, Germany.

The oven features a compact design, excellent process control and very small delta-T values that make the machine ideal for small-batch manufacturing or process development, according to the company. It features a compact design and a footprint of 2.00 meters x 0.71 meters.

RO300FC-S' heating technology is 100% hot-air convection, and any infrared radiation is shielded from the substrates. Due to highly sophisticated air guidance inside the process tunnel, heat distribution is exceptionally homogeneous, the company says. In transport direction, three heating and one cooling zone ensure a proper temperature profile. The exact zone regulation enables profiles of a rectangular shape.

The integrated microprocessor control offers a user interface in three languages (German, French and English), and the oven also can be programmed and controlled by external software.

Essemtec: 41 0419196060

SOURCE: Essemtec

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