Essemtec Introduces Traqu Object-Measurement System


Essemsolar, a business unit of Switzerland-based Essemtec, has developed Traqu, a 3D measurement system featuring a tomographic infrared probe that creates a digital 3D model of an object with an accuracy of a nanometer.

Traqu's design allows measurements and analysis to be performed on a digital model at a later date and in a different location, the company adds. Users can also freely define any required measurements. For example, the Traqu can analyze the surface profile along a given line, calculate volumes, determine distances or measure the surface roughness in a given area.

The device also can determine layer thickness because the tomographic infrared probe works similarly to an ultrasound probe, Essemsolar adds. The machine works at speeds of up to a million frames per second. Additionally, it can be used as a handheld device, eliminating the need for a heavy granite plate.

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SOURCE: Essemtec

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