ET Solar Releases Enhanced Dual-Axis Tracking System


ET Solar Group Corp., an integrated manufacturer of photovoltaic products, has released a new dual-axis tracking system, the ET-D81, that features a wind-load capacity of 110 mph. The new tracking system also comes with features specifically designed to withstand marine and desert environments.

The ET-D81 tracker was developed by ET Solar on the basis of the ET-D80 tracker, which has been installed in over 60 MW of projects during the past five years in Europe. Also, D80 trackers have been recently installed and connected to the grid in California.

The D81 tracker uses the basic structural design of the D80 but has various enhanced features to meet more challenging operating environments, such as areas with gusty winds, marine environments in salty air, and dusty and sandy conditions. The D81 tracker is controlled by an astronomical program that automatically adjusts the orientation of solar modules based on the position of the sun. Each tracker has a module area of 85 square meters.

ET Solar: (925) 460-9898


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