EthoSolar Completes Fourth Solar Installation At Dairy Farm


Ontario-based solar installer EthoSolar has completed a fourth PV solar installation for local dairy farm Dykstra Dairy Ltd. The 100 kW project included the design and engineering of two 50 kW arrays mounted over two separate barns.

‘The limited space available for panels on the two barns posed the greatest challenge with this project,’ explains Sean Hammond, vice president of operations for EthoSolar. ‘Our solution involved designing a system that would produce despite not having an ideal amount of roof space for a project of this size. We needed to utilize higher-wattage panels and chose Canadian Solar CS6P-250's after some modeling in our software.’

EthoSolar notes the Dykstra family had previously invested in three ground-mount trackers and one separate rooftop installation through Ontario's microFIT program.

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