Evergreen Solar Introduces ES-A Series String Ribbon PV Panels


Evergreen Solar Inc. has introduced a new line of 200 W, 205 W and 210 W ES-A Series solar panels. The panels feature a -0, +5W specification and provide the best power tolerance currently available in the industry, according to the company.

The ES-A Series panels feature new extended-length cables that can eliminate home-run wiring, new clickable connectors that make connections between panels quick and reliable, and a new low-voltage configuration that enables cost-effective commercial-scale installations.

All Evergreen Solar panels are constructed using the company's proprietary String Ribbon technology, and the company says the carbon footprint of these panels is up to 50% smaller than that of its competitors'. The new ES-A series also uses 100% cardboard-free packaging to minimize jobsite waste and disposal costs.

Evergreen Solar: (508) 357-2221

SOURCE: Evergreen Solar

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