Evergreen Solar Launches Solar Modules With Boost Tech


Evergreen Solar Inc., a manufacturer of String Ribbon solar panels with its proprietary silicon wafer technology, has developed a new line of higher-efficiency solar panels.

The new ES-D and ES-E series of panels for residential and commercial markets feature Evergreen's new Boost cell technology, which uses micro-wires, instead of conventional busbars, to reduce cell shading, improve current collection and, ultimately, increase the overall panel efficiency, according to the company.

The ES-D series panels, designed primarily for residential roofs, are lightweight for ease of installation and are smaller in size to ensure a better fit of the panels to any shape or size of roof, Evergreen Solar says. The ES-D series will be produced with two sets of specifications: the ES-D Aesthetic series, which features an all-black panel with an attractive uniform appearance, and the ES-D Performance series, which is designed to optimize performance.

The ES-E series panels will be the most powerful of Evergreen Solar's panels, with a larger panel design to meet the needs of commercial applications where the larger size helps to minimize installation costs, the company adds. The ES-E series panels will be available in 220 W, 225 W and 230 W power grades.

The new panels be available commercially beginning in the fourth quarter of this year.

Evergreen Solar: (508) 357-2221

SOURCE: Evergreen Solar

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