Evergreen Solar Panels Installed At Vehicle Recharging Station


Panels from Evergreen Solar Inc., a manufacturer of String Ribbon solar power products, are now being used to provide the electricity for a new electric-vehicle battery recharging station in a high-traffic area in Frankfurt, Germany. The solar fuel station provides free battery charging for small-scale electric vehicles, including Velotaxis, Segways, electric bikes and scooters.

The station contains six charging ports, all of which receive their power from the Evergreen Solar panels located on the building's roof. On a sunny summer day, the station will produce approximately 21 kWh of electricity and enough energy annually to power 115,000 km of travel for the average e-scooter, Evergreen Solar says.

The cost of the installation was 65,000 euros and was shared by the project's partners: Ralos GmbH, Mainova AG, traffiQ GmbH, Umweltforum Rhein Main e.V., Frankfurter Sparkasse, Velotaxi M. Graf, Rossel-Display GmbH & Co. KG and the Goethe Gymnasium, a high school in Frankfurt.

SOURCE: Evergreen Solar Inc.

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