Evergreen Solar Panels Receive Highest Rating In TUV Performance Test


Evergreen Solar Inc. says that its solar panels have received high ratings in two key industry performance tests. The company's ES-Series String Ribbon solar panel was the top-rated panel after completing six months of a year-long test being conducted by TUV Rheinland Group, an independent test institute in Germany.

The test found that the Evergreen product delivered the greatest number of kilowatt-hours of electricity (per measured kilowatts of panels installed) from April 2008 through September 2008. The panels were the best of 14 major panel brands tested, according to Evergreen Solar.

Evergreen Solar has recently improved on the ES Series panels with the introduction in 2008 of its ES-A Series String Ribbon solar panels. The units are guaranteed initially to deliver at least 100% of the nameplate power rating, which ensures greater warranted power for the life of the system. Many competitors only guarantee initially 95% to 97% of the nameplate power rating, the company notes.

SOURCE: Evergreen Solar Inc.

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