Evergreen Supplies Photovoltaic Modules For 8 MW Plant


Evergreen Solar Inc., a manufacturer of String Ribbon solar power products, has provided more than 7 MW of its modules for an 8 MW photovoltaic power plant in Neustrelitz, Germany. This is Evergreen Solar's largest installation in company history.

The project, which was designed and installed by IBC SOLAR Invest in cooperation with the city of Neustrelitz, uses approximately 34,000 IBC Polysol String Ribbon 200 and 205 VG solar panels.

The installation is located on a former Soviet military training base. Prior to the installation, IBC SOLAR undertook a munitions recovery service to ensure the land – approximately 250,000 square meters in size – is now completely safe and free of any hidden mines, Evergreen Solar notes.

SOURCE: Evergreen Solar

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