EVG Working With Specialty Materials Company To Develop Anti-Reflective Coatings


EV Group (EVG) – a supplier of coating equipment for the solar PV, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets – and Brisbane Materials Technology (BMT), a specialty materials company, have announced they are collaborating to provide a solution for anti-reflective coatings for the PV market.

EVG says that under a strategic cooperation agreement, it has optimized its large-area coating systems for BMT's unique materials and processes. According to the company, the technology enables the creation of a nano-porous silicon dioxide film from a liquid precursor at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, making the technology compatible with all existing PV module and solar glass manufacturing lines.

The film is covalently bonded to the glass surface. The coatings have undergone rigorous testing to IEC 61215 standards and have successfully completed a 2.5-year accelerated aging test equivalent to more than 20 years of field application, EVG adds.

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