Evolution Solar, GENNX Partner To Give Students Hands-On Solar Training


Evolution Solar Corp. says it has signed an agreement with GENNX Technologies Inc. and Barber-Scotia College (BSC) to develop a solar demonstration project and provide hands-on training for students studying to become solar professionals.

One aspect of the new curriculum will center on student participation in a solar demonstration project planned for BSC's campus in Concord, N.C., home of GENNX-Tech's Green IT and Technology Program. BSC students will gain hands-on training by helping to install an array of high-efficiency solar panels designed to help reduce energy costs on the campus. The students will assist Evolution Solar and GENNX-Tech engineers in the design and construction of the project.

Under the terms of the agreement, Evolution Solar will contribute industry knowledge and expertise to GENXX-Tech's solar training program at BSC to better prepare students to achieve certification in the field. The company will supply the solar panels and accessory equipment – including the rack-mount system, power inverter, control box and wiring mechanisms – necessary for the training installation. GENNX technicians, BSC students and interns will assist with the demonstration's construction and completion.

BSC plans to seek a net-metering agreement with its local energy provider in order to sell the energy produced by the solar installation back to the power grid.

SOURCE: Evolution Solar

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