Evonik Debuts Acrylic Pre-Fab Lens Package For CPV Manufacturing


Darmstadt, Germany-based Evonik has launched an acrylic lens package, featuring PLEXIGLAS Solar Pre-Fab lens panels, that is designed to provide access to concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) optics while saving on manufacturing costs and time.

The new lens panels are part of the well-known PLEXIGLAS solar product portfolio, which consists of specialty polymethylmethacrylate compounds and sheet products for solar applications. The panels are combined with a secondary optical element to create a complete optical train package for assembly directly into CPV modules.

This combination allows customers to bypass buying the tooling device needed to create the product, which can be expensive and requires an installation process of several months, Evonik says. The new panels are produced through Evonik's proprietary processes for manufacturing acrylic CPV lens panels.

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