EVT Introduces EyeScan 3D Inspection Tool


EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH, based in Karlsruhe, Germany, has released EyeScan 3D, an inspection system for detecting failures and defects during the production of solar cells.

By detecting material failures, such as micro-cracks in the wafers, during production, the system allows for increased production yield, the company says. The evaluation unit and the sensor are integrated into the cabinet of the EyeScan 3D system and are pre-calibrated. Users can replace the sensor at any time without re-calibrating.

The system detects edge disruptions, checks for correct measurements and controls the accuracy of the size and the surface. When failure is detected, the defective wafers can be locked out of the production. In addition, the position and rotation of the cell can be determined in order to solder cells, and the machine can read DMC, OCR/OCV and barcodes.

The system can be connected to directly to a monitor, the company adds. Results and image data can be transferred via ethernet, RS232 or RS485.

EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH: 49 72162690582

SOURCE: EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH

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