ExxonMobil Chief On Renewable Energy: Fuggedaboutit!


Can solar and wind power help to power the world's energy supply? For ExxonMobil chairman Robert C. Olsen, the answer is a resounding negative.

According to a report on EnergyCurrent.com, Olsen addressed the Offshore Europe conference in Aberdeen, Scotland, with the prediction that conventional energy will continue to be the dominant force for the decades to come. Olsen told the Offshore Europe attendees that fossil fuels will account for 80% of the global energy power through 2030, while solar and wind power will account for only 1% of that supply.

Olsen added that traditional energy sources are nowhere near depletion. ‘According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there are more than 3 trillion barrels of conventional, recoverable oil across the globe,’ he said. ‘When nonconventional forms are taken into account, such as shale oil and heavy oil, the estimated resource base grows to more than four trillion barrels.’

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