Eyelit Introduces New Automated Data Services Module


Eyelit Inc., a manufacturing software provider for the PV manufacturing industry and other industries, has released a new automated data services (ADS) module designed for simplified data capture and streamlined data sharing.

With Eyelit's new ADS module, companies can automate factory and business processes to improve operations without resorting to traditional programming, the company says. Through ADS, Eyelit MES, Eyelit QMS and Eyelit Asset Management, transactions can be triggered from various sources, such as equipment controllers, contract manufacturers, enterprise resource planning systems, scheduling systems and customer relationship management systems.

According to Eyelit, the new ADS module provides end users with an efficient way to import data from external data sources through database triggers, Excel files or comma-separated values files, and then automatically execute transactions in Eyelit applications. Users can match data from a database file or flat file to an Eyelit scripted transaction. Scripts can be manually invoked or set up to be automatically triggered, based on events initiated in external systems.

‘Traditionally, the high cost and complexity of integration programming was an impediment to many data automation projects,’ says Dan Estrada, vice president of sales and marketing at Eyelit. ‘Integrating data and automating both factory and business processes are imperative to optimize product quality, quicken response time and foster better customer service.’

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