FAFCO Introduces New SunGrabber Solar Hot Water System


FAFCO Inc. has added the SunGrabber to its line of solar hot water systems. The product – now being offered to builders, remodelers, HVAC and plumbing professionals, utilities, and distributors – is a lightweight, all-polymer system that uses a proprietary differential temperature controller to control the pumping module and impede the overheating or freezing of water in the polymer tubing.

FAFCO says the SunGrabber, which fits in a single box and weighs just 70 pounds, is designed to work with any conventional residential hot water tank. Unique self-locking connectors and flexible polymer tubing avoids sweated fittings and reduces installation time and difficulty. SunGrabber offers a 10-year warranty on the solar collector, with a one-year full warranty on all other parts.

FAFCO: (800) 994-7652

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