FAFCO Releases 500 Series Solar Hot Water System Platform


FAFCO Inc., a solar thermal manufacturer, has introduced the new 500 Series system platform. The 500 Series system platform builds upon FAFCO's polymer solar thermal technology to deliver energy-saving performance in an advanced system design, the company says.

The FAFCO 500 Series system features a custom-designed digital solar controller, heat exchanger and pumps incorporated into a single, compact unit that installs easily on the water heater tank or a wall. An active, indirect system, the product utilizes a proprietary Solar Rating and Certification Corp.-approved, glycol-based heat-transfer solution within the dedicated solar loop, providing freeze protection for the system and eliminating the need for a drainback tank.

The dual-loop design heats the potable water via the solar heat exchanger while maintaining separation from the potable water loop and ensuring the quality of the heated water used in the home, FAFCO adds. Engineered with commercial-grade components, quick-connect fittings and ultraviolet-resistant tubing, the system is built to provide many years of reliable service. The controller automatically turns the system on or off depending on the amount of the sun's energy available to heat the water, and the system can also be powered using an optional photovoltaic solar panel.


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