Fairchild Releases SiC Diode Primed For Solar Inverters


Semiconductor solutions company Fairchild has released its first 1,200 V silicon carbide (SiC) diode, the FFSH40120ADN, in its series of upcoming SiC solutions.

According to the company, the new diode’s combination of switching performance, reliability and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) make it ideal for next-generation solar inverters, as well as for industrial motor controls and welders, which are all increasingly required to be more energy efficient at higher power densities.

Fairchild claims the FFSH40120ADN leaks far less current than competing products do at temperatures up to 175 degrees C. The diode also offers fast switching and no reverse recovery current, which dramatically reduces switching losses, the company adds.

“The combination of market trends and tightening industry standards is driving the need for more energy-efficient products, and our new 1,200 V SiC diode is designed specifically to help manufacturers achieve these ever-greater efficiency requirements,” says Jin Zhao, vice president and general manager of Fairchild’s High Power Industrial division.

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