Fat Spaniel Teams With SATEL, Opens New Offices


Fat Spaniel Technologies Inc., a provider of intelligent management services for renewable energy systems, has formed a partnership with SATEL Spain, a company specializing in data collection and radio frequency communications solutions.

According to Fat Spaniel, the partnership represents an industry first, and it will give customers a total solution for responsible energy management. Combined, the companies have taken the first steps to help customers maximize yields from very-large photovoltaic solar installations, where devices can be distributed over hundreds of acres.

Both companies will jointly market and sell a solar management solution that includes SATEL radio modems and Fat Spaniel's Insight Manager. Fat Spaniel will host the intelligent management applications and data, and customers will be able to choose the communications configuration and management applications that meet the needs of portfolio managers and analysts.

Fat Spaniel has also opened two offices in Europe: Fat Spaniel Technologies GmbH in Munich, Germany, and Fat Spaniel Technologies SL in Madrid, Spain. These new entities increase Fat Spaniel's high-touch local resources and will accelerate the deployment of global solutions, the company says.

In addition to its new offices, Fat Spaniel has expanded its team with the hiring of a new sales manager, Fernando Garcia-Alcala. Garcia-Alcala will direct the company's relationships with analysts and partners throughout Europe, targeting Spain operations.

SOURCE: Fat Spaniel Technologies Inc.

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