FCT Solder Releases NC162 SN100C No-Clean Flux

FCT Solder, a division of FCT Assembly and an authorized licensee of Nihon Superior Co. Ltd.'s SN100C product line, has introduced NC162 SN100C No-Clean Flux.

NC162 is a third-generation liquid flux developed in response to the need for a high-activity, halide-free, no-clean alloy with superb solderability and minimal post-process residues, especially in palletized processes. According to FCT Solder, NC162 works especially well with FCT Assembly's SN100C Sn/Cu/Ni+Ge lead-free alloy, and is an excellent choice for soldering through-hole and mixed-technology assemblies. The material also works well in solar applications.

NC162 has been formulated to be halide-free and fully lead-free compatible, and it features low post-process residues and excellent activity to promote hole fill. Additionally, the flux becomes more robust in high-temperature applications, and can be sprayed, foamed or dipped.

FCT Solder: (970) 346-8002



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