Ferro Corp. Selects Despatch’s Firing Furnace


Despatch Industries, a technology and equipment provider to the solar market, says Ferro Corp. has selected Despatch's UltraFlex firing furnace for use in the development of its pastes.

The firing furnace is a critical piece of equipment to paste manufacturers, and the adjustment of metallization firing profiles to optimize paste formulas is a key component in reaching higher efficiencies, Despatch explains. The company's UltraFlex firing furnace utilizes Microzone technology that enables unlimited profile flexibility, independent of belt speed, as well as the capacity to adapt to new paste recipes, cell architectures and process parameters, according to Despatch.

‘Implementing the UltraFlex gives us the fast firing capacity and strict profile control required for developing our next generation of advanced paste formulas,’ says Todd Williams, business manager at Ferro Electronic Materials.

SOURCE: Despatch Industries

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