Ferro Develops New Front-Contact Paste, Rear-Side Aluminum Paste


Ferro Electronic Materials, a supplier of materials for fabricating photovoltaic silicon solar cells, has unveiled new front-side and rear-side contact pastes. The NS 33-512 front contact paste increases electrical efficiency by up to 0.6% and enables fast printing of three-bus-bar cell designs, the company says. It is designed for silicon wafers with 70 ohm/square emitters.

The product has reduced contact resistance to n-silicon layer passivated silicon nitride and lower series resistance with higher solids, and is capable of printing 70-micron grid lines with a 0.25 aspect ratio using conventional screening techniques, Ferro adds.

The aluminum rear-side paste AL 53-140 reduces paste lay-down by as much as 25%, according to the company. Its reduced organic content enables high throughput drying and firing, and it maintains low bow with <180 micron wafers. The paste improves cell efficiency, offering higher open circuit voltage than earlier generation paste, strong BSF over a wide temperature range and excellent adhesion to silicon, the company adds.

SOURCE: Ferro Electronic Materials

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