Ferro Electronic Materials Develops MWT Paste System


Ferro Electronic Materials, a supplier of materials for fabricating photovoltaic silicon solar cells, has introduced two new series of metallization paste products. The materials include a new optimized paste system that is designed to enhance performance of p-type metal wrap-through (MWT) cells and aluminum pastes for back-surface passivated cells.

MWT cell technology holds promise of boosting electrical efficiency of polycrystalline silicon-based solar cells to more than 18%, according to the company. Ferro's materials system includes a rear silver plug-hole paste, front silver contact pastes and a back-contact aluminum paste.

The NS 3166 MWT rear silver plug-hole paste provides conductivity and contact with the front silver paste and forms a solid plug upon firing, while novel glass chemistry provides shunt resistance, Ferro says. NS 3166 MWT also is suitable for use as the p-contact paste. The 5161 MWT back-contact aluminum paste provides high open-voltage current and a strong, uniform back-surface field with lower deposition over wide process conditions, the company adds.

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