Ferro Expands Technology Centers In Asia


Ferro Corp., a technology materials supplier, is expanding capability in its Suzhou, China, and Taipei, Taiwan, photovoltaic technology centers as part of a wide-ranging plan to support growth in the Asian marketplace.

Ferro's existing technology center in Suzhou is currently being expanded to meet the increased demand from solar cell manufacturers in China. The new technology center in Taiwan is expected to be completed by the end of this year and will be equipped with state-of-the-art solar cell printing and firing equipment. Both labs will be capable of building prototype solar cells and will be complemented by a complete range of solar cell characterization instruments, the company says.

In addition, Ferro Electronic Materials has commissioned space in Singapore to open a Center for Excellence focused on new product development supporting Ferro's solar materials product line in Southeast Asia. The facility will expand Ferro's research and development capabilities for new materials. The center will be located in Singapore Science Park and will house a solar materials laboratory to perform basic research and development activities, as well as technology staff to support the rapidly emerging solar market in Southeast Asia.

SOURCE: Ferro Corp.

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