Filmetrics Launches Thin-Film PV Dedicated Metrology Systems


San Diego-based Filmetrics has introduced thin-film photovoltaic (TFPV) dedicated measurement systems. With the release of the F10-PV and the F37-PV, Filmetrics now offers commercially available tabletop and in-line metrology solutions for industries utilizing all classes of TFPV materials.

The Filmetrics F10-PV and F37-PV products are capable of monitoring the film thickness of active layers such as amorphous Si, CdS, CdTe, copper-indium gallium diselenide, TCOs and buffer layers.

These types of devices are intentionally designed to absorb rather than reflect light, creating many unique challenges for performing metrology on these layers. The F10-PV and the F37-PV can accurately measure the thickness and optical properties of even the most complex structures on TCOs, the company says.

Filmetrics: (858) 573-9300

SOURCE: Filmetrics

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