Filmetrics Releases SampleCam Video Accessory Unit


Filmetrics has introduced the SampleCam video accessory, which is designed to increase the amount of film-thickness measurement data available remotely to support personnel.

The unit attaches to the sample stage of all new and existing F20 tabletop thin-film measurement systems. Combined with the F20's built-in remote diagnostics capabilities, it gives a complete view of all aspects of a customer's measurement configuration, according to the company. Information includes a full record of baselines and recipes for the past 1000 measurements.

‘The introduction of the SampleCam means that our customers, anywhere in the world, can have the equivalent of a Filmetrics applications engineer sitting next to them 24 hours a day,’ Dr. Scott Chalmers, president of Filmetrics.

Filmetrics: (858) 573-9300

SOURCE: Filmetrics

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