First Solar Appoints Three Executive Vice Presidents


First Solar has appointed Ken Schultz, John Carrington and Jim Miller into new executive management positions. Schultz has been appointed executive vice president, advanced development; Carrington has been named executive vice president, global marketing and business development; and Miller has been appointed executive vice president, product and global supply chain management.

Schultz has led First Solar's marketing and business development efforts for more than five years and will now drive innovation and commercialization of new products in his newly created position.

Carrington, who now fills the role previously held by Schultz, will direct First Solar's global sales and marketing function, including targeted expansions in Europe and the launch of First Solar's entry in the U.S.

Miller will oversee product management and supply chain activities, including material sourcing, product management and logistics for product delivery and take-back as part of First Solar's end-of-life module collection and recycling program.

SOURCE: First Solar

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