First Solar Joins Desertec Industrial Initiative As Shareholder


First Solar has joined the Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii) as a new shareholder. The company was previously a Dii associated partner.

‘Our extended dedication to Dii as a shareholder emphasizes First Solar's commitment to the [Middle East and North Africa (MENA)] region, where we see tremendous potential to build a sustainable market for solar power,’ says Christopher Burghardt, First Solar's vice president of business development for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. ‘Dii is the ideal industrial initiative to bring power from the deserts into reality.’

With partner companies from 17 countries, Dii, which was founded in 2009, is focused on creating an industrial-scale market by 2050 for renewable energies from the desert MENA regions. These activities include the development of integrated energy markets and the identification of suitable technologies for generating and transmitting energy.

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