First Solar, Sputnik Engineering Tech Installed In Germany Project


System supplier Solaxis GmbH has partnered with Riedel Recycling to install Germany's largest thin-film, pitched-roof solar system in Moers near Duisburg. More than 11,000 cadmium telluride modules from First Solar deliver a total of 837 kW, with power conversion handled by SolarMax inverters from Sputnik Engineering.

Riedel Recycling uses a former coal mixing hall in Moers for the storage and preparation of building materials. The structure's 9,500 square-meter south-facing roof is fitted with the First Solar modules.

Four SolarMax central inverters are used in the solar power system – two 300 kW models, as well as a 100 kW and 30 kW model. Heat captured from the inverter housings are diverted to the building's air-conditioning systems with heat exchangers.

SOURCE: Sputnik Engineering

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