Flair Security Debuts Solar Module Anti-Theft Device


Flair Security has introduced the VIB300W Wireless Vibration Sensor, which is designed to detect attempts to tamper with or remove solar panels from their metal support frames.

This sensor is directly mounted to the support frame or structure with an easy-to-install bracket and two screws, the company says. Vibrations resulting from tampering with the solar panel mounting screws or support structure are transmitted through the metal structure to the sensor and analyzed by the signal processor built into each sensor. Most off-the-shelf wireless transmitters with ranges up to 1,000 feet can be built into the sensors. Wireless receivers are sold separately.

The VIB300W has four sensitivity settings, selected by jumpers, so that the sensor can be tailored in the field to the exact nature of the installation, Flair Security adds. Depending on the type of support frame and the sensitivity setting, each VIB300W can detect an attack over a distance ranging from 20 to 50 feet.

SOURCE: Flair Security

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