Flexisolar Installs The U.K.’s Largest Solar Carport


Flexisolar Ltd. has installed what it says is the largest solar power carport in the U.K.

The carport – installed at Harvey Hadden Leisure Centre, a sports complex in Nottingham – covers more than 40 parking spaces. It features 448 solar panels, which are expected to deliver 55.7 MWh of electricity per year.

Combining feed-in tariffs and the reduced cost of energy, the Nottingham City Council is looking to generate more than 10,000 British pounds per year from the project.

Flexisolar partnered with Sitec Infrastructure Services; engineering, procurement and construction company EvoEnergy; and project manager The Solar Cloth Co.Â

"I am very hopeful that the solar industry and carpark owners will take note of this landmark structure. We need to demonstrate capability and drive costs down," says Robert Carpenter, managing director of Flexisolar." And our next solar carport installation is set to achieve cost parity with solar rooftop installations – an important milestone for this maturing technology." 15556_flexisolar_carport_2.jpg

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