Florida Issues $15 Million In Renewable Energy Grants


Through the 2006 Florida Energy Act, the Florida legislature has appropriated $15 million for renewable energy technology grants to promote the use of clean energy.

The funding was awarded to eight organizations, with at least $5 million to support bioenergy projects and $10 million for projects that generate or use other renewable energy resources, including hydrogen, biomass and solar energy. The recipients were selected from among 183 grant proposals seeking nearly $215 million in grant funding and providing more than $505 million in cost share for renewable energy projects.

‘The grant program creates a receptive, inspiring environment for research,’ says Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp, R-Fla. ‘Investments in cutting-edge ventures ensure a stronger economy and a cleaner environment for the next generation of Floridians.’

Among the eight recipients is the Florida Solar Energy Research and Education Foundation, which received $1.9 million. The foundation's initiative is designed to increase the use of solar technologies as well as strengthen and stabilize the solar energy industry in Florida.

For more information about the grant recipients, visit www.floridaenergy.org

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