FLS Energy Plans Large Solar Thermal Project In N.C.


Solar thermal developer FLS Energy has begun construction on a project for Prestage Foods, a 260,000 square-foot turkey processing plant based in St. Pauls, N.C. The system will provide the poultry processor an estimated 100,000 gallons of hot water per day for use in operations.

The solar farm will be constructed in three phases, with each consisting of 700 ground-mounted flat-plate solar thermal panels. Phases one and two will be completed this year, and the third phase is estimated to be complete in March 2012, FLS Energy says.

The installation will also include a custom-designed pump-house and solar storage system. FLS Energy says it developed the technology specifically for this project in order to provide hot water to the facility 24 hours a day. The company will own the system and sell Prestage the energy it needs to heat water at a lower rate than propane, the company's current energy source for heating water.

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