Folsom Labs, nearmap Integrate Products For Solar Installers


Folsom Labs, a provider of sales and engineering software for the solar industry, and nearmap, a provider of high-resolution imagery, recently integrated their products to quickly and effectively design and deploy solar arrays for installers in Australia and the U.S.

‘This partnership gives customers the best of both worlds: high-quality imagery from nearmap combined with powerful design tools from Folsom Labs,’ says Paul Grana, Folsom Labs' vice president of sales and marketing.

EnterSolar, a solar developer based in New York City, is a customer of the partnership's products.

‘We can spot each vent, no matter how small. And we can tell the difference between a skylight and a different-colored roof membrane – all before visiting the site,’ says Edgar Lim, engineering director at EnterSolar. ‘It is partnerships like these that really help to reduce the soft costs for solar installers.’

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