Fonon DSS Introduces F 250 GL Laser Separation Tool


Fonon DSS (Display & Semiconductor Systems), a division of Fonon Technology International, has released the F 250 GL laser separation tool for scribing generation 8 and higher sized glass used in the flat panel display industry and solar photovoltaic industries.
Fonon Technology International previously discovered and patented the Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology method. This method splits materials at the molecular level with tremendous speed, no material loss and no chips or other debris associated with conventional scribe and break techniques, the company explains.

Incorporating this technology into a laser separation tool, Fonon DSS developed the F 250 GL, which incorporates a mode selective resonator and specialty gas mix range for changing wavelength during cutting – making a manufacturing process that costs significantly less in comparison to mechanical scribing systems. The cost of mechanical scribing machinery increases as glass panel sizes do, whereas the cost for laser technology continues to decrease as panel sizes increase, Fonon DSS adds.

Fonon DSS: (407) 829-2613


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