FPL Applies To CEC For Concentrating Solar Project In Mojave Desert


FPL Energy LLC, through a wholly-owned subsidiary, has filed an application for certification with the California Energy Commission (CEC) to construct, own and operate a 250 MW solar plant – the Beacon Solar Energy Project – in the Mojave Desert.

The company says it has set a goal of adding at least 600 MW of new solar power by 2015. FPL Energy has already identified 1,100 MW of new solar sites and has leased, optioned or owns outright a significant amount of land in the west and southwest U.S.

The proposed Beacon Solar Energy Project will be located on an approximately 2,000-acre site in eastern Kern County, Calif. More than 500,000 parabolic mirrors will be assembled in rows to receive and concentrate solar energy to produce steam for powering a turbine generator. The generator will produce electric power for delivery to the nearby electric grid.

FPL Energy expects to begin construction on the project late in 2009 and take approximately two years to complete it.

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